I offer the Holistic Service of Neuromuscular Massage through Bowen Therapy (certified in 2012), the Niromathe Method (certified in 2014) and DermoNeuroModulation (certified in 2019). These are effective and noninvasive treatments for many of the pains, traumas and conditions we may suffer from over the course of our lives based on the gentle and precise manipulation of fascia, nerves and muscle tissue followed by a release that stimulates the nervous system to begin the process of self-healing: Pain, Physical and Emotional Relieve, Injury Prevention, Enhanced Performance, Accelerated Healing and Overall Well Being!

Bowen Technique is a gentle manipulation of the muscles of the body, intended to trigger the nervous system to begin a process of self-healing. Each series of moves on the muscles, tendons, and nerves, is followed by a pause to allow the body to integrate the information. The objective of each treatment is to restore the normal, healthy and balanced functioning of the body.
The Niromathe Method finds its origin in the work performed by “bone setters” in India. It was further researched and developed in Europe. This technique is known in the world of osteopathy and manual therapy as a unique and effective process, that improves blood flow, and releases the fascia around muscles and joints where an osteopathic lesion has formed.
The DNM is particularly directed towards the treatment of cutaneous nerves. These nerves carry all the body surface information, which is transmitted to the CNS. Information from the mechanoreceptors, of course, but also from all those fibres that will measure our external environment, temperature, skin chemistry, nutrition, pH, etc.

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Raised in a family of health practitioners, where the human body was a daily topic of discussion, I first studied and worked in social law (LLB) as a child case advocate, and became very aware that there were deeper issues at play when observing the mental and physical health of her clients. This was based on my observations of the interactions between troubled parents and their children. "I learned that in order to be a really effective problem solver, it would be better to employ a multi-faceted approach that provides lasting, more effective results for the long term".

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Bowen Therapy & The Niromathe Method & DermoNeuroModulation techniques are treatments suitable for individuals of all ages whether an infant […]

More about Myrthe

Raised in a family of health practitioners, where the human body was a daily topic of discussion, I first studied […]

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"I've known Myrthe since 2012 when she helped me navigate through a rough time health wise. Myrthe is a caring professional, concerned about the well-being of her patients. She is compassionate, patient and follows through to ensure quick and complete recovery. Her knowledge and deep understanding of how body, mind and soul work together have always allowed her to address my health issues and the ones of my family members. I highly recommend Myrthe for her work ethic and her ability to treat and relieve various health conditions".


"She is a great personality and a compassionate woman. I am a hairdresser and was suffering from incessant pain in my right arm and shoulder. Got physiotherapy and acupuncture done but to no avail. But I must say once I got my therapy done by Myrthe, I started feeling better from the very first day. She helped me healing both physically and mentally".


When I was young, I sustained a serious spinal injury, that ended up requiring major surgery. I have lived most of my life with chronic pain and been in some form of treatment or other for twenty years. I have had pretty much every treatment available, physiotherapy, Chiropractic, acupuncture, IMS massage and osteopathy. I have learned that there are many competent practitioners out there, and then there are true healers. Myrthe is one of the latter. Healing involves so much more than strong and skillful hands and knowledge,it requires a true gift. Myrthe is truly a gifted healer, from the very first time I saw her, I knew she was different. She is genuinely caring and extremely good at what she does. I have enjoyed a significant reduction in my pain, and am able to live life more fully than I have in many years. Myrthe is a truly beautiful person as well as a gifted healer, I cannot recommend her highly enough. I am so grateful to have found her, she has truly changed my life,for the better".