Raised in a family of health practitioners, where the human body was a daily topic of discussion, I first studied and worked in social law (LLB) as a child case advocate, and became very aware that there were deeper issues at play when observing the mental and physical health of her clients. This was based on my observations of the interactions between troubled parents and their children. “I learned that in order to be a really effective problem solver, it would be better to employ a multi-faceted approach that provides lasting, more effective results for the long term”.

These experiences inspired me to investigate the world of health and well-being, which ultimately led to become licensed as a Natural Health Practitioner in Canada. I became a Bowen Therapist (Certified in 2012) and later trained as a Niromathe Method Practitioner as well as in the DermoNeuroModulation.

The highly effective holistic therapies are based on the gentle and precise manipulation of nerves, fascia and muscle tissue, followed by a release that stimulates the nervous system to begin the process of self-healing. Many pains, traumas and health conditions can be treated effectively in this way.
I have worked on hundreds of patients and experienced the immense gratification that comes from using this multi-faceted approach, that provides lasting results, while aiding in “total mind, body & spirit transformation”.

​”As a lifelong learner, I will forever be committed to increasing my knowledge and experience while respecting the uniqueness of my clients. I am constantly reminded that it is not me, but you who does the “real” healing! ”

Inspired by

l’Académie Internationale des Méthodes Thérapeutiques Contemporaines – AIMTC (International Academy of the Contemporary Therapeutic Methods), based in Montreal. The mission of AIMTC is to study and teach some of the most powerful manual therapies This website explains more about the Bowen technique Niromathe Method and the DermoNeuroModulation:

Why does the Central Nervous System need to know exactly what is happening in the body?”

​”No muscle in the body contracts by itself. No bone, fascia or tissue has the will to change itself. All of them, without exception, only respond to motor outputs from the CNS. We cannot change them from the outside. The only way we can do this is to learn how to « talk to the body », dialogue with the CNS, and only the CNS can issue motor outputs to modify tissue tensions, muscle contractions and other homeostatic-type normalisations.

This is AIMTC’s mission: to study and teach the essential elements from neuroscience that allow us to truly understand the work of the manual therapist.

​What if manual therapy wasn’t exactly what we think it is?
And what if, this time, we relied on what science, neuroscience, is telling us to understand what we are really doing?

“Small diameter sensory fibres provide the feedback from the body that is absolutely essential for the homeostatic control systems that maintain the physiological conditions of the body. They provide the vital signals that indicate that the body is alive. ” (Craig, A.D. (2015) How do you feel? An Interoceptive Moment with your Neurobiological Self. Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press, p. 110)

Louise Tremblay an amazing teacher who certified me in 2012 for Bowen Therapy and in 2014 for Niromathe Method.

“The training in manual therapies (Niromathé, DermoNeuroModulation and Bowen) with Louise Tremblay is full of physiological explanations that help us to understand what the therapist, using his hands, “does” in the body. We have to understand what we are doing to do a better job. All this information will be applicable in the context of a pure osteopathic practice or any other manual therapy. The physiology of the body does not change according to the technique used.”

And certified in 2018 by the Bowen College in BC for my Natural Health Practitioner of Canada Licence.

Working together

The IBOWEN website and app:  “Is a directory of Bowen practitioners, organized by language and country.”

​It is a great joy and honor to work together with many other Bowen and Niromathe Practitioners in particular:

On Vancouver Island is located Melanye Walker, website

In Port Moody: Clarissa Gibson and Stephen Smith, website

We consult each other in cases such as PTSD, Cancer, Chemotherapy recovery, and to discover how every person is unique and needs a different healing session plan!

Stephen Smith has been a Paramedic in the greater Vancouver area for over 28 years. Prior to becoming a Paramedic, he served our country in the Canadian Armed Forces, with tours of duty serving with NATO and the United Nations. Stephen is also a certified acupressure therapist and a specialized kinesiologist.